Dsoon Solar Panel S1

My first impression when taking the solar panel out of the box was how good the quality was.
It has a very rugged design and feels very chunky and well made.
In the box with the solar panel is a set of instructions that are clear and easy to understand, two cables, (one for charging via USB and the other for connecting the panel to a trail/wildlife camera. 
It also comes with a good quality bracket and Allen key for adjustment.
I charged the solar panel fully as per the instructions using the USB cable and then, as I use my trail cameras on tripods, I set up the solar panel, at the recommended angle, on a tripod next to my Dsoon camera and connected the two together. 
I used a fully charged set of old batteries that I had stopped using some time ago (as they no longer last very long) as recommended as a backup.
I initially ran the camera for over 30 hours and recorded 131, 30-second videos on the highest resolution settings. When I checked the 2500mAh, 1.2v rechargeable batteries, they were still fully charged, so the camera had run solely off of the solar panel's internal battery and not used any of the backup battery power at all. Nothing has changed in the last week or so using the solar panel.
I have spent a small fortune in the past on the best quality rechargeable batteries for my cameras. Will I ever buy anymore again? No.
Can I recommend this solar panel? Absolutely. 100%
This top-quality unit is a game-changer.
These are a perfect solution for everyone, from a single camera garden user to someone using several units on shooting/hunting permissions, to save keep having to go out and regularly change batteries.
I hope this is of much use and help as the camera review was.