Dsoon App Wifi Connection

How do I connect my wifi trail camera to my phone?

1. Make sure that the micro SD card and battery are properly installed in the camera. And the switch is in "ON" mode. (If adjust from "TEST" mode to "ON" mode, you need to wait for the end of the 15-second countdown on the screen.)
2. Download the "Dsoon" APP from App Store or Google Play, or scan the QR code in the user manual.
3. Make sure that the phone’s Bluetooth and WiFi are turned on. (The APP also supports iPads or tablets with Bluetooth and WiFi functions.)
4. Open the "Dsoon" APP and click the "Add camera". Select "Connect Camera Bluetooth", and then select the option named "Trail Cam Pro".
5. The camera will display "Turn on WiFi successfully, please connect to the camera". The camera screen will light up and go off immediately. The phone will jump to the Wi-Fi network list. (if there is no automatic jump, you can manually enter the phone Wi-Fi list.)
6. Wait about 20-40 seconds in the WiFi list, the WiFi hotspot named "Trail Cam Pro ******" will appear. Enter the initial password "12345678" to connect to WiFi. (If you can’t see this hotspot, please wait or refresh/restart phone WiFi, or reset the trail camera.)
7. After the WiFi connection is successful, you can remotely control it through the APP(distance up to 100ft).

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