These are some of the problems that our regular customers have encountered in the past, and we hope they can be of assistance!

Do Dsoon products come with a warranty?

Yes, all Dsoon products have a 12-month warranty

What is the maximum SD card that the trail game camera&night vision binoculars can support?

They both can support a max 512G SD card.

Are the infrared light and the flash visible? Does it show a red glow or flash when triggered?

YES, the infrared light of this trail camera will show a low glow while triggered at night.

When the SD card is full, will it record the older pictures/videos or do I have to upload/delete them off the card?

If the capacity of the memory card is full, please note that the camera would stop recording and turn off the IR LED unless the endless capture function has been turned on. However, if you set the endless capture function, then the earliest document will be deleted when the card is nearly full.

How many Infrared sensors does H8WIFI-BT have?

Our wifi trail camera has 3 Infrared sensors, one main sensor with 2 side sensors

I'd like to use Dsoon trail camera in the winter, anybody knows the operating temperature of this camera?

Our engineer mentioned that the temperature is between -20℃ to+ 60℃

Why my device could not be turned on?

1. Please note that the compatible battery is AA alkaline battery only.
2. If an external power supply supports, please make sure the voltage is 6V ( at least 1.5 A)