Summer Sale

Dear Dsoon Fam,

Dsoon is holding a sale activity to welcome Father's Day. Details as below:

1>Multi coupon codes vary from different order numbers:

2> 20% off with coupon code: FatherDayNV3182   

Detailed link:


3> Different gifts vary in different order values:

a: Get a dual-lens trail camera H8201 (T2) as a gift for over $400

b> Get a trail camera H885c (H2) as a gift for over $300

c>Get a trail camera H551c (H1) as a gift for over $200

d>Get a card reader as a gift for over $150

Also, we get some gifts with our logo for our partners:

Don't forget to invite your family&friends to get some free gifts back home.

Attention: All gifts would be sent out on 1st July.